People won’t accept they sexuality

Today I’m going to talk about why people are scared to come out of the closet, this post is quite different from what I usually post but I really need to talk about this.Recently I have been watching quite a lot of LBGT movies and all of them are literally very upsetting this is because these movies are based on true life events, people won’t come out of the closet as gay or bisexual because they are afraid that family or even friends would be against them if they were to come out.

Being straight, gay or bisexual isn’t a choice at birth and people should accept they sexuality instead of hiding it, hiding your sexuality will make everything more difficult for when you do come out. I’ve watched a movie recently called ”Hidden Kisses” this french movie is about two guys who won’t accept they sexuality, instead they decide to hide it because both of they family’s are against people that are LBGT.

There is not a lot to say about this topic, just make sure you do what’s best for you and remember sexuality isn’t a choice and cannot be changed.

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