Roblox Game Review: Jailbreak

Jailbreak is an amazing addictive Roblox Game, it’s free to play and it’s by far one of the best games to play with friends. I’ll be reviewing Jailbreak and the reasons why you should play Jailbreak. Game Information: Jailbreak is an award-winning game played over three billion times where you can orchestrate a robbery or … Continue reading Roblox Game Review: Jailbreak

Lumber Tycoon 2 Halloween Update!

The Halloween update for Lumber Tycoon 2 was released on the beginning of October and this update comes once a year. This year we only get two items for Halloween, the items are called Lumbkin and Spooky Icicle Lights. The Lumbkin has a wooden texture and gives no light or shine. The Spooky Icicle Lights … Continue reading Lumber Tycoon 2 Halloween Update!