Game Review: Bully Anniversary Edition

Bully Anniversary Edition is a Game made by Rockstar Games, it is originally called (...) and was first released on the PS3. The Anniversary Edition was released to iOS & Android to celebrate its 10 year anniversary. Game Information: Initial release date: 8 December 2016 Developer: War Drum Studios Publisher: Rockstar Games Platform: iOS Price: … Continue reading Game Review: Bully Anniversary Edition

Lumber Tycoon 2 – 2020 Halloween Update!

Lumber Tycoon 2 gets updated every single October with limited stock items, these items are on sale until 31st October. This event introduced the Ghastly Pumpkin, a ghoully grey pumpkin emitting a dark white light, bringing back the traditional pumpkin theme. The event also introduced the second Halloween season axe in the game, the Candy … Continue reading Lumber Tycoon 2 – 2020 Halloween Update!