Roblox Jailbreak Car Review: Roadster

This is a short review about a car on Jailbreak called “Roadster” and I’ll be reviewing this car to see if it’s worth for you to buy it.

The Roadster is basically the fastest car in Jailbreak and the current in-game price of this car at the moment is $600,000 this car’s price is quite low, depending on how fast you are earning money and if you have the double money game-pass, It’s definitely worth buying because you’ll be able to rob places pretty fast like the Museum, bank or the Jewellery Shop on the game.

Roadster Worth buying?

Yes, the Roadster is definitely worth buying, here is a list of reasons why this car is worth buying.

  • Fastest car in the game
  • Fast Robberies
  • Customisable
  • Low Price

If you have any questions about the car “Roadster” feel free to leave any comments below and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.