Amazon Prime Student – Free 6 Months!

Students can now get a version of Amazon Prime (called Amazon Student) giving a whole range of exclusive student-only perks. Here's what you get: Unlimited next day free delivery All Prime movies & TV shows Unlimited photo storage Student only offers Then half price Amazon Prime at £39 per year (optional) If you don't want to … Continue reading Amazon Prime Student – Free 6 Months!


New YouTube Videos on my Channel!

Hey Guys! So for the past couple of weeks I have been uploading YouTube videos to my channel without you guys knowing or maybe you guys already know? They is no talking in the videos and they are just Chipmunk Music Covers and ROBLOX Gameplays, now I am trying to make my YouTube videos even … Continue reading New YouTube Videos on my Channel!

Review: Spotify

Hey guys! So as you may or may not know, i really love listening to music when i'm playing a game or when im drawing. So the best app for listening to music on is Spotify. Details:  Developer: Spotify Ltd Category: Music Version: 2.2.0  Spotify is the free best way to listen on your Phone or … Continue reading Review: Spotify