Jordan13515 Merged with JordansBlog!

This is a quick update, actually kind of a huge update, my old blog which was called Jordan13515 is now merged with JordansBlog. This basically means that all of the content from Jordan13515 is now on this blog, I decided to do this because my older blog which was founded in 2014 until 2016 was … Continue reading Jordan13515 Merged with JordansBlog!


Bloxburg 1 Billion Update!

Bloxburg has got a update, this update is because Bloxburg has gained One Billion Visits. Everyone who has played Bloxburg will get a exclussive 1 Billion Trophy & 100 Blockbux. This is just a small update to celebrate the 1 Billion Visits, heres a list of features this update has: ONE BILLION VISITS! Everyone who've … Continue reading Bloxburg 1 Billion Update!