Game Review: Where’s My Water?

Hey guys! So Where’s My Water? is a puzzle video game.

Game Review: Where's my water?


Developers:  Creature Feep

Publishers: Disney Mobile

Age Rated: 4+

About Where’s My Water?
Swampy, an alligator living in a city sewer system, hates being dirty, but whenever he tries to take a bath, Cranky, another alligator living in the sewers, disrupts the water flow to Swampy’s home. Located somewhere on the level is a supply of water, either a finite amount pooled at various locations or an infinite amount flowing from a pipe. Players use the touch screen on their device to dig through the dirt and redirect the water toward an inlet leading to Swampy’s bathtub. Occasionally, the water must be routed through other pipes or must interact with machines in order to open up a route to the inlet. When the required amount of water reaches the bathtub, the level is completed and the next level is unlocked. If all of the water flows away the level is incomplete. Also scattered around the level are three rubber ducks that can be collected when they absorb an amount of water. Select levels also include items hidden in the dirt that will unlock bonus levels when three-item collections are completed.

My Experience Playing Where’s My Water?

So playing Where’s My Water? Is really easy, I would recommend it for any age and I do not like this game a lot, it’s not as good as the other game’s on the App Store. Also I would really say this game is for children. here is a list of the other games published by Disney Mobile.

  • Where’s My Water 2?
  • Where’s My Mickey?
  • Where’s My Perry?
  • Where’s My Valentines?

Rating: 2/10

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