Song Review: Big Gucci Diego ft. Primall Diagla – Mike Kanashi

    ‘Mike Kanashi’. The first big hit to be created by Big Gucci Diego from his debut mixtape! “Trap House: vol. 1″

Primall Diagla ft. Big Gucci Diego

    The hip-hop banger which has taken the world by storm was all created in the basement of Diego Murillo, or Big Gucci Diego, his stage name. In a cloud of messy bass and wacky lead, this tune was created and used by none other than the lord himself, Lil Jojo. Mike Kanashi was originally the beat from the song ‘I got dat sack’, a BDK anthem directed towards Lil Durk and Chief Keef’s ‘Glo Gang’.

    The hook goes like this: “Ugly, call me Mike Kanashi, I can’t get no friends, call me Mike Kanashi”. Now in my days of listening to hip-hop i’ve heard some pretty great hooks, Tupac Shakur on the song ‘Today was a good day’, Chief Keef on the bone-chilling track “Lose yourself”, or even Lil Wayne, who featured on the iconic song “Yesterday” with John Lennon. However, never have I heard something as captivating as this. Now if you think the hook is brilliant, wait until we get into the meat and bones of the song. 

“This whole song is just a big saucy slice of literary steak.”

    Some of the lines in this song were so emotional that I had to break down in the middle since it reminded me of my dead mother. When he said “Trying kill myself on the daily, but i’m not gay”, just brought tears of joy to my eyes. He tries to kill himself on the daily, but he can’t, because he isn’t gay. He wants to engage in homosexual activity and bring a light on the good of the gay community. HE WANTS TO BE GAY BUT HE CAN’T. And if you think that’s the peak, don’t worry, there’s more, this whole song is just a big saucy slice of literary steak. 

    In conclusion, this is a pretty cool song. I’m feeling a strong 9, maybe a weak 10.

This post was created in 2015 on by a secondary “Author” and this post was not released due to the post not being finished in time.

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