ROBLOX Game Review: Innovation Research Labs

Hey Guys!

[PLEASE NOTE I might not be doing anymore ROBLOX Game Reviews after this one because I don’t play ROBLOX a lot]

So I have been playing ROBLOX again, I have been playing Inovation Research Labs for a while now and I found it interesting at first and now I have really got bored of it.

ROBLOX Game Review: Inovation Research Lab

So here is some pictures from Inovation, so the first picture I am just standing at the main door. The second picture is just one of the pictures of a safety exit just incase a meltdown starts. The last picture, my character is holding a coffee.

ROBLOX Game Review: Inovation Research Lab

So here is where we get to the “Zombie” machine… So as you can see I am standing next to the zombie machine… I just like to call it zombie machine because it infects you. While I was taking a picture someone infected my character..

The meltdown starts when the temperature gets to 2000, so the alarm will go off. What I do is go to the food lab or the emergency zombie showers, while I’m at the food lab or showers waiting for the safety exit to break, everybody else around me is just running around.. So the screen will shake and go purple and after a couple of minutes, a person would say “Core Overheated, Please prepare for a nuclear meltdown” So all the lights go off and on, all you see is a red light flashing. So when the exit breaks at the food lab, you would have probably escaped.

There is a lot of safety exits at Inovation, which are hard to find… Also some safety exits are not safe..

Inovation Research Labs Game Rating: 5/10

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