ROBLOX: JordanC1999 Second Year Anniversary!

Hey Guys!

Today is my Second ROBLOX Anniversary! You all know the drill, every year I always do a post on my blog, last year I did my first anniversary post on my old blog. So here’s a quick picture, I know the picture isn’t interesting but I couldn’t find anything interesting to take a picture off…

ROBLOX: JordanC1999 Second Year Anniversary!

Guys you know I can’t leave this post without a couple of images, so it’s not perfect but I just want say that the first ever game I went on ROBLOX was called Golden Mudkip Night Club. It’s a amazing place, i messaged the owner a couple of days ago and told them kindly to open the place so I could take photos for all of you.

These Pictures were taken on the 18th May 2015.


Back in May 2013, on the day I took a picture while I was recording and I still have the video, I’m sorry but I can’t post the video for reasons…

Here is the first Anniversary post, JordanC1999: One Year Anniversary! So I hope you like this post and thank you very much for reading my posts!


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