Charlie Puth Best Singer Ever!

Hey Guys!

So today I am gonna be talking about Charlie Puth, I am addicted to his songs. So let’s take a look at some of his songs….

Charlie Puth – Marvin Gaye feat. Meghan Trainer

So this song is amazing, the tune is one of the best things about it but it is even more amazing with Meghan in the song, singing with Charlie Puth.

In the video, Charlie comes on stage at a prom singing and everyone starts dancing and kissing, also Meghan comes on the stage and starts to sing with Charlie. Everyone lays on the ground and is still kissing and then the two teachers who are watching, then go to the toilets and make out… Which will never happen in real life… At the end Charlie and Meghan then kiss as the song fades out.


Charlie Puth – Look at me now

I really love this song, only Charlie is singing in this song, and it’s only about the things people said he couldn’t do I think? And I think it’s about the people who put him down. He was also young in this song, this song is not on his album any more, which is sad but you can find it on YouTube.


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