Drawing Tips

Hey Guys! Has most of you know I love to draw cartoon characters or anything to do with cartoons, so here are some tips before drawing.

1. Think of the design before drawing it, this helps a lot with drawing your own characters. I usually draw horror cartoon characters.

2. Draw in pen first then go around it in pen, then rub over the pen with a rubber to rub any pencil marks off the drawing, so it looks like you have drew it in pen.

3. Shading, I love shading sometimes it really makes your drawing look good, with shading you can press on too make the drawing look dark as you want or you can press lighter to make the drawing lighter.

4. Paint, might be the best to use I would use some good paper for painting so it does not show through the back of the paper.

5. Don’t press on so hard when your drawing, when you draw don’t press on so hard because if you do you won’t able to rub it all out.

6. Pencil Colours, I used to use pencil colours a lot and now I don’t use them a lot. If your new to drawing, I would recommend using pencil colours first.

7. Felt Tips, I use felt tips a lot and I really love using them, Please Note felt tips can ruin your drawings sometimes if you don’t use them properly.

So out of all of them I would use felt tips and shading. If you have any problems with the post, Please comment below.




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