Game Review: Terraria

Hey Guys!

So I have been playing this game just like Minecraft Called Terraria, it is amazing I don’t know all the features yet. I have found a jungle on the game near spawn, well still I would prefer Minecraft Pocket Edition,

Game Review: Terraria

I have not builded nothing yet because it is very confusing, the crafting is very confusing, the controls are really not good. To move you have to slide your finger on the left, to build you just tap the screen. If you want to break a tree just hold down on the tree and it will break, the only best thing about this game is you get weapons when you start the game. You can also make your own character before you begin.

I believe they is biomes in Terraria, also I really like Minecraft better then Terraria and Terraria is just a copy of Minecraft all they did is make it different to Minecraft.

Rating: 4/10


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