Nicki Minaj Anaconda

Hey Guys!

So i think everyone might have seen Nicki Minaj and her songs, this one called Anaconda is really rude and as a lot of twerking in it. Some people are put off watching this video and I don’t blame them really, this song as a great tune and I do like the song.

All Nicki Minaj does in this video is twerk and twerk around other girls are dancers, slapping there butts… Some people say she’s a wh*re or a sl*t, well too be honest she is fake. All of her body parts let’s say are fake.

In the middle of the video she gets a banana out and gets the cream out and eats the banana, she puts the cream all over her skin…

Near the end of the video she swears and says Bi*chs a lot and sits in a pool showing off her big butt and she dancers around drake, trying to make him touch her butt.

I hope you enjoyed reading is post, if you want more like this comment below or if you have a problem with the poet please comment below.

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