Game Review: City of ROBLOX

Hi Guys!

So I have been playing ROBLOX again because its the holidays and there’s nothing to do and I have found a really awesome ROBLOX City game and I really love city games because you can explore and it takes up more time and makes time go fast… Anyway this is a good game and there’s a lot to explore on this game.



So the owner, PlesantRoblox270 has been building most of this city with some of his friends and he is a really kind person, well all of the people building on this game are really kind.

So this game has a lot to explore and a lot of buildings, my favourite building is the massive tree, I think its a tree house? but its really colourful and amazing. I think the owner, PlesantRoblox270 could have improved the game by adding streetlights, road signs, bigger roads and also maybe making a lot of houses in a line, so you don’t have to walk very far.

The owner gave me tools and admin and let me build, I builded a house and it looks perfect.

[Please Note] City of ROBLOX, might be closed a couple of times because the owner might be updating the game.

So check his game out, its really awesome! Click this link to play City of ROBLOX!

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