Game Review: Key Clash! ®

Hey Guys!

So heres a really awesome game, this is like one of the best new games on ROBLOX made by my friend “Zedix123/DraZed Studios”  Also “DrageelR” helped Zedix123 build this game. This game is also in Alpha.

Game Review: Key Clash! ®

So what you have to do is collect has many keys has possible, I don’t really know how many keys there is? This game also has atleast more then two maps I think. So when you start the game you will see this beautyful lobby with a really amazing waterfall, there is also game music.

Also there is weapons, at the moment there is only swords. There is also a Shop on the screen when you join the game, Also there is a new map called “Frostburgh” this map is one of my favourite maps, also don’t touch the water because it kills you but it kills you slowly. Also you will need atleast 4 players to start the game.

Link To Key Clash:

Game Review: Key Clash

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You will need to go to DraZed Studios to find the game.

Link To the Group:

Invite as many friends, as posoible Key Clash needs to grow faster, before the official launch.

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