Best Games & Apps for IOS 5!

Hey Guys!

So I still have the first ever iPad with IOS 5, it’s surprising because I can still download a lot of games and apps. So here’s a list of best games and apps for IOS 5.

  • Clash of Clans
  • Minecraft Pocket Edition
  • Junk Jack X
  • The Simpsons tapped out
  • The Blockheads
  • Zombie Lane
  • DragonVale
  • The Sins Freeplay
  • Cut the rope
  • The Merry Manor
  • Dream Park – Not Available on the App Store Anymore
  • Call of Duty Zombies
  • Spotify
  • Pages
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

There is also way more Apps and Games available for iOS 5

Please Note, some of the Games or apps above might not be available.

They is also lots of apps and games that are amazing but they are not available on the App Store anymore unless you have already buyed or downloaded them in the past.

IOS 5 is still kinda good, I think it depends on if you have anything you want to download, if you have any movies or tv shows on iTunes you want to buy are download, it’s perfect for movies. The only thing I hate about iOS 5 is I can’t download any newer apps or games unless when I download the app or game it will give me a older version, which is better then nothing.

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