ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2019 – Scrambled in Time!

So before i get started on this post, the Egg Hunt has been a very big dissapointment for mainly everyone because the Egg Hunt storyline makes no sense at all and its just very confusing.

Each Egg has been put into its own game which is over 58 games, meaning you’ll have to visit over 58 games to collect every Egg, this isn’t so bad for some people but its not good for people playing on a mobile device because mostly every game on the Egg Hunt will not work on a mobile device.

I’ve collected all 58 Eggs on the Egg Hunt this year and i have to say it was not easy at all, the fact i had to go to over 58 games was not fun at all. Some Eggs were super easy to collect and a couple of Eggs took me hours to collect, this Egg Hunt will take you a couple of days to complete depending on how good you are at taking challanges, teamwork with other players and solo challanges. You do not need to collect all the eggs to get the final DragonFabergg Egg you only need all the power eggs which can be obtained from the portals at the main Scrambled in Time game.

37d614aa16e114e3efe8ab8633d8b61bI love how the Eggs have been designed this year but i feel like the Eggs last year were better because the designs looked more detailed.

The Egg Hunt ends on 13th May. The Egg Hunt is ending quite late this year because the event started late. According to ROBLOX this will be the last Egg Hunt event on ROBLOX, ROBLOX have ended all season events meaning there will no longer be any free items for new players on ROBLOX.

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