ROBLOX is changing for the worse!

ROBLOX is changing for the worse, what I mean by this is ROBLOX has removed events, personal places and TIX. Personal places was a exclusive feature that was only granted to those who had a ROBLOX membership called Builders Club.

Anyone could access a Personal Place even if you did not have Builders Club, but you couldn’t build or create you’re own.

ROBLOX personal places was one of my favourite things about ROBLOX because I was able to build in my own game while the game was active and people was able to join me build anything and since this feature has been removed we can now only build a game in ROBLOX Studio, which kinda sucks.ROBLOX Logo. The ROBLOX Logo shocked everyone because the logo has been changed and it looks really terrible, the logo was changed in 2017 and I personally think the 2016 logo looked more professional. The ROBLOX Logo from 2006 reminds me of the 80s & 90s because of the style and font.

Seasonal Events was one of ROBLOX’s best features for people who have just joined ROBLOX because they’re could earn free items without having to buy any items.

A list of seasonal events:

  • Easter Egg Hunts (Search for free eggs that can be used for hats on you’re ROBLOX avatar)
  • Hallows Eve (Random items to be found during October for you’re ROBLOX avatar)
  • Christmas or Winter Event (Random Items each year)
  • That’s all the features I know that ROBLOX have removed and hopefully ROBLOX doesn’t remove anything else from they’re platform in the future.
  • Which ROBLOX Logo is your favourite? Comment below your favourite ROBLOX Logo.

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