ROBLOX Game Review: Zombie Rush

Zombie Rush is a game where you kill as many zombies as possible to gain the highest wave in the current round, in this game you will work with other players on the game to kill zombies. I love the map layouts on Zombie Rush because they very neat and detailed, the different Zombie types make this game alot more interesting and i am excited to see what the future updates bring to this game.

The only problem i found while playing this game is that too many Zombies spawn in groups and its kind of impossible to kill Zombies in a group. I am currently Level 100 and i still dont have the best weapon but its still good enough.


I rate this game a 8/10

Zombie Rush would have got a 10/10 if it have had more choice features such as:

  • Solo Play (Players can play on they’re own)
  • Earn coins (This gives players the choice to buy items)
  • Faster Health Genertaion (Restores Players health faster)

Some of the features above may be pointless but the creator could have added more features to make the game more interesting, even tho its a awesome game and i will continue to play Zombie Rush. Anyone can play this game because the effects are not realistic and does not contain any voience.

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